Statement for Poetry

In poetry, much like my artwork uses images, I position words and thoughts in a scheme as to evoke a certain response from the viewer. In some cases I use words in a more abstract and abject manner, where the verse is not easily understood as it continues on. This is more like a cacophony of sound: noises penetrating other noises so that none of it can be distinguished separately. The reasoning for this is to force the reader to stop analyzing the thoughts behind the words but to let the words express emotion. I also use time and rhythm to my advantage to encourage that expression by either making it flow quickly or interrupting the rhythm intentionally to make the viewer stumble.

In other cases my work in poetry takes a more satirical stance by commenting on contemporary western culture. In these works elements of my abstraction may come into play but more often then not I am not trying to express pure emotion but rather make commentary, which is to be understood by the viewer on a more cerebral level.