Understanding Fragmented Reflections

This body of work was made as a metaphor for an introspective analysis of myself and my childhood. I used old photographs I found at various places such as antique stores, thrift stores, garage sales, as a conceptual element to further the metaphor and keep my personal history imaginary. These images were lost from their family as I have often felt, lost from myself.


So I investigated feelings and ideas of alienation, emotional abandonment, broken home, loneliness, to see where I stood and to process unprocessed feelings from my past.


The wood composition refers to a couple of things. One thing is the gap of time where I was a carpenter and far lost from my self. The other is more conceptual. The wood is all that is “natural” in the world. It is all tangible reality. The space is that which is not tangible: thoughts, feelings, things left unsaid, the higher self. The paintings within these wooden compositions are separated in the beginning and monochromatic as I felt there was a gap between myself that I had to go into and find what was there.


As the series progressed I started to close the gaps and add color. Need I say more?