Subconscious Content

My objective in art making is to express a visual metaphor or analogy for the subconscious and the various ways in which it descends into physical reality. My point ultimately is to show a reflection of the self so that the self has an opportunity to analytically examine, i.e. introspection. The work is a metaphor, and because of this I am able to fluctuate between real and surreal which I take full advantage of because the content is the bridge connecting these two sides of the psyche. Because the work is speaking from the concept of the subconscious, the literal content of each piece is blurry, and undefinable in totality because when substance emerges from the subconscious it is this way: blurry and undefinable. Each piece is meant to evoke an emotional response as well as draw the viewer in to try and obtain further meaning, a meaning which is meant to be derived from the viewer out of their own projection.