Paramahansa Yogananda once said, “We should neither be frightened by nightmares of pain nor unduly elated by dreams of beautiful experiences. By dwelling on these inevitable dualities or ‘pairs of opposites’ of maya, we lose the thought of God, the Changeless Abode of Bliss. When we awaken in Him we shall realize that mortal life is only a picture made of shadows and light, cast on a cosmic movie screen.”

Most that know and those who do not can know now that I am not religious, nor do I believe Yogananda to have been. Deeper than religious practices run, there is a spirit. It pulses with the ripples in the tide and breathes with the rustling of the leaves. It needs not an ego or a direction, a reason, or a name. It is the fibers of this reality, the androgyny to our sexes, the void to consciousness.

My work has been for lack of a better description a type of autobiography where I can visually describe my memories and also where I can allude to my abstract philosophical tendencies. Having said this it can easily be assumed I will continue with my endeavor.

The visions that I have been having are of desolation. I see deserts and skies. I see abandoned houses and helpless people. I see broken ladders stretching from the clouds that don’t reach the earth, decay, forget. But also further, deeper than that, I see solitude, peace, bliss. It is my hope to convey these feelings without giving completely away my personal philosophies.